HankInk has worked for a wide range of clients in many different types of businesses providing effective graphic design solutions.

The Clients

Cornes Motors - San Diego, CA
Distinctive Motor Cars - La Jolla, CA
Fisher Chevrolet - Boulder, CO
Olson Bros. Tire Factory - Portland, OR

Consumer Products
Beddy Fur Teddy - Portland, OR
Black Diamond Millworks - Boise, ID
Cotney Peak Soap - Fort Collins, CO
Ferrell Reed, Ltd. - Boulder, CO
Happy Traveler - Ketchum, ID
Pentax Cameras - Denver, CO
Polaris Vac Sweep - San Diego, CA
Preco New Products Corporation, Boise, ID
Samsonite Corporation - Denver, CO
Single Cup Accessories - Portland, OR
Swallowtail Plant Food - Boulder, CO
WingOne Target Thrower - Portland, OR

Bank of Commerce - San Diego, CA
Bank of Oklahoma - Tulsa, OK
DiaSource, Inc. - Boise, ID
EDT - Vancouver, WA
JoAnimation Productions - Los Angeles, CA
Lithotype Company - San Francisco, CA
Manville Corporation - Denver, CO
Williams Center - Tulsa, OK
Vertical Software Systems - Golden, CO
Pakra Learning Tools - Columbus, OH
Pentacle Partners - Stamford, CT

A Family Member HomeCare - Hollywood, FL
Fountain Fresh Toothbrush - Del Mar, CA
Global Therapeutics, Inc. - Broomfield, CO
Litestyler Diet Systems - San Diego, CA
Viadent Toothpaste - Fort Collins, CO
Teledyne Water Pik - Fort Collins, CO

Food & Beverage
Aunt Martha's Frozen Pizza - Denver, CO
Best of Cortez Seafood - Boise, ID
Celestial Seasonings, Inc. - Boulder, CO
Coors Food Group - Golden, CO
Gerard's French Bakery - Boulder, CO
Mt. Hood Ice Cream - Portland, OR
Sanka Coffee - White Plains, NY
J. R. Simplot Company - Boise, ID

Abo's Italian Restaurant - Boulder, CO
Bishop's Restaurant - Boise, ID
Bolder Restaurants - Boulder, CO
Hotel Boulderado - Boulder, CO
Radisson Suite Hotel - Oxnard, CA
Roadhouse BBQ – Boise, ID

Actuant Corporation - Milwaukee, WI
AFI Marine Accessories - Napa, CA
Guest Battery Chargers - Meriden, CT
Marinco Shore Power - Napa, CA
Nicro Ventilation - Napa, CA
Sea-Dog Line - Everett, WA
SeaForce Teak - Nashville, TN
Whitecap Industries - Piscataway, NJ
ZipSleeve - Portland, OR

Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO
Doobie Brothers - Santa Cruz, CA
Feyline - Denver, CO
Richie Furay - Boulder, CO
KBDI-TV - Denver, CO
KFML-AM/FM - Denver, CO

American Cancer Society - San Diego, CA
Opera Idaho - Boise, ID
San Diego Auto Museum - San Diego, CA
San Diego Opera - San Diego, CA
Yes for Parks - Portland, OR

American Cycle Systems - Los Angeles, CA
Colorado Leisure Sports - Denver, CO
Greystone Country Club - White Hall, MD
Haro Cycles - Carlsbad, CA
Kryptonics, Inc. - Boulder, CO
Skyway Recreation - Redding, CA

Oak Lodge Sanitary District - Portland, OR