HankInk is a Portland, Oregon based graphic design firm specializing in design solutions for packaging and print. We are currently accepting new projects.

More Work

AFI Marine Accessories Logo

Hank Schmidt has provided branding and package design services to the marine industry for over 20 years. Hank designed the new logo and packaging for AFI's line of marine horns and wipers.

5 Color with UV Coating Sleeve for Corrugated Carton
Clamshell Packaging with Gold Hot Stamp Label

HankInk produced the Marinco full line catalog. Hank also developed a new color code packaging system for Marinco shore power products and moved their products from poly bags with header cards into clamshells with full color labels. Branding and packaging was also developed for Marinco's sub-brands SeaLink 12 volt products.

Marinco Marine Products Catalog Cover
Color Coded Clam Shell Packaging for Shore Power Inlets
Marinco SeaLink Blister Packaging
ParkPower Logo

HankInk developed branding and packaging for ParkPower RV products as well as the ParkPower RV catalog.

Park Power RV Products Catalog

HankInk has also provided branding & package design services to Nicro Ventilation, SeaForce Teak and Sea Dog Line.

Nicro Marine Ventilator Packaging
SeaForce Teak Header with Poly Bag Packaging
SeaForce Teak Catalog Cover
Sea Dog Line Color Carton with Spot Label
Kryptonics Skateboard Wheels Logo

Hank Schmidt worked closely with Kryptonics' marketing director, Jim Ford to develop logo treatments, packaging and advertising for skateboard and roller skate wheels. Hank designed and produced the first ever packaging for both skateboard and roller skate wheels. Skateboard wheels were packaged in a reusable composite tube with a plug end. The roller skate wheels were packaged in a two-piece set-up carton with interlocking graphics. The packaging for both products as well as the logo used the color code designations for the three different wheel compounds: Red-soft, Blue-medium, Green-hard.

Very First Skateboard Wheel Packaging
Kryptonics Roller Skate Wheel Two-Piece Carton
Kryptonics Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels Poster
Kryptonics Print Advertising

Hank continued to work with Jim Ford when he became VP of Haro Cycles. Hank designed bike graphics, print advertising and packaging for Haro's BMX and freestyle 20" bikes. HankInk also provided graphic design and advertising services to Skyway Recreation for their line of 20" bikes and "mag" wheels.

Blister Packaging for a Toy Cradle
Export Carton for Water Pik
Logo & Packaging for a Clay Target Thrower
Logo & Window Carton for Christmas Ornaments

HankInk has experience developing multi-language packaging, like the Water Pik oral irrigator carton. Hank is well versed in dealing with off-shore suppliers, Beddy Fur Teddy and Rosie's Rascals products and packaging were produced in Asia. The WingOne target thrower's unique paper header card was designed by Hank Schmidt. Hank also over saw the printing, production and quality control of packaging materials.