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Mt. Hood Ice Cream

When Justin & Pasha Luber wanted to resurrect the iconic Mt. Hood Ice Cream brand they came to Hank Schmidt. The brand had gone out of business back in the 1930s. They applied for the trademark and had Hank develop an updated version of the 1915 logo (a spoon stuck into Mt. Hood). Hank enlisted the help of Lance Hitchings, who illustrated the stunning view of Mt. Hood. Hank developed the color system and packaging graphics and traveled to the cup printer with the client to oversee the first packaging run.

Mt. Hood Ice Cream Logo
Pint for Chocolate Avalanche Ice Cream
Pint for Really Really Vanilla Ice Cream
Pint for Mountain Mint Chip Ice Cream
Mt. Hood Ice Cream Business Card – Front
Mt. Hood Ice Cream Business Card – Back